We wish you all a happy and healthy 2023! 



Huntaks Primo Rosso "Ross" shown for the first time at the big Brussels dog show. Mainly to let him get used to such a big event with all the dogs of different breeds, people and music. And he did great and has been wagging his tail all day. He went best puppy in breed under judge; Thomas Hehir from Ireland.


Our new logo specially made for us by Beatrice Quine from ArleQuin art works in France. We love the style of the art of Beatrice. She made many designs for us.

Thanks again Beatrice for creating this great logo fully designed to our wishes.  

Our logo represents a typical Dachshund longhair head we like to see. The logo is based on pictures of heads we appreciate. We see our young boy Ross in it as well. 


new pictures from left to right; Ross, Pepsi and Voilá . 


Working and training outside gives great pleasure to both dogs and owner. Here on a warm October day...


A new picture of Ross; Huntaks Primo Rosso

(Bombadilla's Boris x Huntaks Glow Of Sunrise).

He is just over 4 and a half month old now.


Today we made a new picture of Pepsi; Huntaks Pink Spring

(Bombadilla's Boris x Huntaks Glow Of Sunrise).

She is just over 4 month old now.


We visited Tallinn in Estonia. As we where finally going to pick up our first Standard Longhair dachshunds bred by Darja Tsinikina from the HUNTAKS kennel. Quite an exiting moment. And how lucky are we to start with these great dogs with an excellent pedigree representing many well known American ans Scandinavian dogs. 

On the left; HUNTAKS PRIMO ROSSO aka Ross and HUNTAKS PINK SPRING aka Pepsi. Seeing them for the first time is extra special. Especially as we have been waiting for them so many months... And they are the start of a new beginning.






On the right; having a closer look at; HUNTAKS JUMP INTO YOUR ARMS  and the black and tan boy HUNTAKS MAGIC TOUCH.